Many people have not heard of in-home pet sitting. Nor do they know the benefits and freedom it provides

When a pet owner is away for an extended period of time. Whether it be several hours or several days, an owner finds themselves with a choice. Call a neighbor or board the pet.

Animals do best in their own environment. Familiar surrounds help reduce the anxiety many animals experience while you are gone. We assure your pet is cared for and given the attention he or she needs in your absence.

Hiring a neighbor is great if you trust the neighbor and don't mind imposing on them. The problem comes when the neighbor is not available or hasn't taken the time to know what everything that needs knowing in an emergency.

With us, you are never imposing and we make it our business to know what to do and who to call in an emergency based on your wishes.

Your Creatures Comfort includes Your Creature Comforts too, which means; In addition to taking care of your pet. we will oversee your home as well. Handle any emergencies that may arise and give it that "I'm in town" look by bringing in the newspapers, mail, alternating lights and blinds too.

Two (2) copies of your keys. One for the sitter and one backup for our safe.


First payment for services.


You may download a basic check list to help you prepare for our visits. Located on our contact page.


Things change so the most important thing to do is review the copies of your Home and Pet Profiles for changes. Be sure to let us know of any changes on the forms and especially emergency contact information..

It is important that we touch base upon your return.


If you are unable to get back you may contact us for additional visits or instructions. If we do not hear from you and we have reason to believe that your pet may be un-cared for and/or at risk of harm, we will continue to visit as scheduled as necessary.


The benefit of doubt will always go to the well being of your pet. You would be responsible for additional charges in the event you do not return on time.


Please review our policies and procedures for more information.

Vaccinations are important.


Although not mandatory, there are additional liabilities you accept for un-vaccinated animals.


Please refer to your agreement and our Policies and Procedures for more information on vaccinations.

Yes and no.


You may choose whether we retain a copy at our office. We recommend that you allow us to keep a key in our office safe. This saves you time and a "pick up fee" for each visit. Additionally, if you ever lose your key or lock yourself out, we are only a phone call away.


Remember, your key is tagged with a random number for autonomy.

What we do when we visit greatly depends on your wishes.


We take care of the important things first. Food, water, home checks, poddy breaks, etc.


Based on your wishes, we play with your pet, take them for a walk, give treats, give plenty of love and attention and document anything out of the ordinary.


Finally we document our visit details on your Visit Report. Time in, time out, basic check list and personal notes. This way you know how our visit went and for how long.

A typical stay is between 20-30 minutes. Sometime longer.


Normally if a visit requires an extended stay (Usually more than an hour), there is an hourly charge. This charge is located on your agreement and our services page.

Yes, you may cancel our agreement at anytime in writing.


Our agreement is designed to be open ended, this way you may contact us at anytime for your pet sitting needs. Call us tomorrow or 6 months from now. We'll be here and ready when you are..

We take the security of your information very seriously.


None of the documents we bring with us have your home address on them. That way if your packet or key was ever lost or stolen, it would not contain a physical address.


Your key is also assigned a random number and stored in our key safe. No personal information is located within our key safe or on your key tag. Your original signed agreement (the only document containing your address) is locked away in a seperately secure file cabinent.

The initial consultation can take as little as 30 minutes however we suggest you leave at least an hour.


It's amazing how fast time flies when we are talking about and meeting you pet(s) for the first time.

Cancellation fees may apply according to our Policies and Procedures.


Normally there are no issues as long as you cancel with enough advance notice.

Feel free to call us anytime.


We understand that owners are sometimes called out of town at the last minute or stuck at the office a few extra hours. We will do our best to accommodate your last minute needs.

Yes, we will give your pet medications and shots according to your instructions and directed by a licensed vet. Call for more details.



There are over 40 important questions to ask to assure we have all the right information for you, your home and your pet. In addition, it is very important for you to introduce us to your pet ahead of time. This way the animal is already familiar with us and far less anxious when we come in.