Providing piece of mind service for busy pet owners through Trust, Integrity and Passion.


I have owned and loved animals all my life. I've been in the retail loss prevention business for 20 years, until the birth of our son Danny. I have two passions (well, Baby makes three): a passion for the well-being of animals and maintaining integrity in the work place.

I believe the first order of business is always the well being of your beloved pet. The second is having someone you trust in your home. Trustworthiness is paramount to peace of mind when you have someone in your home. I follow the same detailed background investigation methods for our sitters as I did when hiring employees to protect the assets of multimillion dollar retail locations..

We will give your pet the loving care he / she is accustomed to every day while you are away as well as provide detailed information of all goings on for you to review when you return. You'll be happy you left Your Creatures Comfort to us!

Shelley and Dan Schlund, Owners

Prior to getting married, it was just me and Harley; my cat. I had moved from California and didn't know many people. It was difficult to find friends or neighbors I could trust to look after Harley when I was doing so much traveling.

I did lots of international travel but the thing I worried most about was the well-being of my cat.  I had to do something!

Like many people, I had never heard of In-Home Pet Sitting before. Then I was relieved to find a compnay where my cat and home would be looked after and give Harley plenty of love and attention in my absence.  I often told Amber, Harley’s sitter to keep coming until I call you and tell you I’m home. That way, if I was delayed, Harley would be not be forgotten.

It was a pleasure coming home and finding a happy cat, loving notes of her adventures during my leave, my mail on the table and plants still alive.

It is my goal to instill that same peace-of-mind service to every pet and every client.

After Harley passed away, those notes served as a bitter-sweet reminder of how special she was to me and how much love she experienced with my petsitter, Amber.  It was then that I had thought to myself; bringing joy to animals and their owners; what a great business to be in!

Our Exclusive In-Home Pet sitting is more than just petting and feeding...

We complete a comprehensive pet and home care profile for each client.  If there is an emergency, pet or home, we will already be prepared for what to do, who to call and act according to your wishes in an emergency.

When you return home the first thing you will notice is a happy pet. The second thing you'll find is our exclusive Daily Comfort Report. Our easy to read "DCR" provides all the the day's basics such as, time in, time out, food, water, home conditions etc.. But that's not all...

We make it a point to document your pet's behavior. Were they happy, feeling blue, enjoying their play time or anything else we think might be of interest or importance.

It all starts with a phone call to schedule your free consultation.


Daily Comfort Report

Detail notes of each visit. First the pedigree info. (Pun intended) Time in and time out; sitter initials, etc.

Next the basic Check list. home, food, water, etc.

And finally the fun stuff; visit notes on the behavior and any special details.

Pet Care Profile

Your pet is precious. We know that! Loving is the easy part.

What we also want to know is...

What is her diet? What is her favorite toy? Does she like her leash? Who is your vet? Has your pet ever bit anyone? What treats does she like?

Home Care Profile

Your Creature's Comfort includes Your Creature Comforts too...

We want to make sure home is still sweet home when you return.

Who is your emergency contact? Where are your fire extinguishers? How about the fuse box? We want to know... Just in case!